Looking to earn your real estate license from the comfort of your own home? Our yearly plan is the perfect solution, providing all the benefits of the flex-payment plan at one low cost. With this plan, you have full control over your finances and the ability to lay a strong educational foundation for your future as a successful real estate agent in Colorado.

Our program offers comprehensive instruction with 48 hours dedicated to Colorado contracts and 120 hours focused on real estate law and practice. Each course includes an eBook, instructor email hotline, and practice tests to ensure you’re fully prepared for the licensing exam.

With one year to complete the program, you can study at your own pace and take your time to fully absorb the material. And when you graduate, we guarantee placement to help you get started in your new career. Plus, our mentorship and business development program will continue to support you as you build your real estate career.

Invest in your future and start your journey to success today with our Premier plan!

  • 48 Hours in Colorado Contracts
  • 120 Hours in Real Estate Lawand Practice
  • eBook for every course
  • Instructor Email Hotline
  • Practice Tests
  • 1 Year to Complete
  • Guaranteed placement
  • Mentorship and business development after graduation and placement