Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. A + Real Estate School is licensed by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Division of Private Occupational School Board.

Yes. All courses offered by A + Real Estate School are approved for credit by the Colorado Real Estate Commission and meet all requirements of the State of Colorado.

Our real estate continuing education curriculum consists of classroom and online. Our online courses enable you to learn advanced real estate topics conveniently and cost-effectively on your own schedule, at your own location.

In Colorado, you must complete continuing education courses if you are a licensed broker renewing an active license, or applying to activate a license or if you are an expired licensee applying within three years to reinstate your license.

Yes, we are authorized by the Colorado Real Estate Commission to provide the Annual Commission Update course for 4 credit hours and the Brokerage Reactivation course for 24 credit hours. We also offer a premier selection of other advanced courses which you can use to complete the credit hours you need for license renewal. For course summaries and order information, please view our Course Catalog.

You must complete 24 credit hours of approved continuing education during each three-year license period before applying to renew your active license, to activate an inactive license or to re-activate an expired license.

You may complete your required 24 credit hours at A + Real Estate School in two ways:

(1) Complete the Annual Commission Update Course (4 credit hours) three times during each three-year license period (i.e., every year) to earn a total of 12 credit hours. You must also complete an additional 12 hours of elective courses to meet the required total of 24 credit hours in the three-year license period. You may select from our catalog of various courses on advanced real estate topics to complete your 12 elective credit hours.

(2) Instead of meeting the above requirements, you may choose to complete the Brokerage Reactivation course for 24 hours which includes one Commission Update course

For complete information about continuing education and license renewal, please visit the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, Division of Real Estate website.

Yes, A + Real Estate School does offer courses for individuals seeking to obtain their real estate license. We specialize in providing prelicensing education for unlicensed individuals, as well as continuing education courses for real estate sales agents, broker associates, employing brokers and managing brokers

Colorado Real Estate Manual and school notes.

No. All materials are provided by A + Real Estate School.

Anytime you want to. Our convenient classroom learning allows you to start whenever your ready.

The course must be completed within one year to receive credit.

Yes, if you wish to maintain your Colorado real estate license, you must fulfill the state’s continuing education requirements.

If a student terminates a course after receiving the course materials, the school will retain a cancellation charge of $250.00 and refunds will be made under the following terms and conditions:
A. A full refund is made to any applicant not accepted by the school.
B. A full refund is made to any applicant who withdraws within three business days of signing the enrollment contract and returns all books and materials, provided that the applicant has not commenced training or damaged the books or materials and the materials are returned to the school.
C. A full refund is made if the school discontinues a course during the period scheduled for the course.
D. A partial refund will be made as follows, except for the $250.00 cancellation fee:
E. The official termination date is either:

  1. The date on which the school receives written notice of the student’s intention to discontinue, or
  2. The date on which the student violates a published school policy which provides for termination. Written notice of termination is given.

F. All refunds are made within 30 days of the termination date.
G. No refunds are made for books and supplies.

No, A+ Real Estate School will not sell your personal information to any third party.

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