Congratulations on deciding to pursue a career in real estate! As you consider where to get your education,  the Real Estate Academy of Colorado is the premier online real estate school in Colorado!  Powered by A Plus Real Estate school, we are approved and regulated by the Colorado Department of Higher Education.

We want you to be the best you can be. We offer study sessions and an internship while you are going through school. Once licensed we provide a mentoring program to help jump start your career. The Real Estate Academy of Colorado is your best choice for your pre-licensing education. We have three different pricing options  – one for every budget!

We provide you with the best exam prep in the industry, all included with our low tuition rates! The Real Estate Academy’s pre-licensing course provides you with EVERYTHING you need to pass your course and pass the National and State licensing exams! There are no hidden fees and you can learn without pressure, at your own pace! Choose The Real Estate Academy of Colorado and watch yourself fulfill your dreams!

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About the Real Estate Academy of Colorado

The Preferred Online Real Estate School of Colorado

Ready to Get Your Real Estate License? Let Us Help!

Have you been dreaming of earning your real estate license? Are you ready to establish your OWN career and future success? If so, you’ve probably been wondering and researching about HOW or WHERE you’ll be able to obtain your education online. Fortunately, were’ here to make the process a LOT easier and less stressful for you! The Real Estate Academy of Colorado is the PREFERRED online real estate school in Colorado! Here at REAofCO, we provide all the tools and education necessary for you to succeed! We’ll help you prepare for your National and Colorado exams at an affordable price, and we provide you with several school and cost options that are guaranteed to meet YOUR unique needs!


"The Real Estate Academy of Colorado is by far the best choice I could’ve made to kick start my career. The online learning interface is simple and easy to use. The course work is comprehensive and for the times that I needed help understanding a subject there were so many resources immediately available for me to talk to a knowledgeable person and boost my study skills. I finished school in no time and I was totally prepared for the test. In fact I passed my national on the very first try. I recommend REA of CO to anyone wanting to get licensed because not only is it everything I said above and more - it is also the MOST affordable online option available. If you are looking for a reason to jump into the business, this is it."
Zoe Watkins
REALTOR®, Sellstate Alliance Realty
July, 2021
"I completed my real estate course completely online with the Real Estate Academy of Colorado a few months ago. It was the best online school and cheapest real estate course I found. The Real Estate Academy of Colorado was the best school, and it prepared me for the real estate National and State tests. I passed the National and State tests on the first try, thanks to this school. The course offered by them was easy to navigate and the information on all real estate topics were top notch. I would recommend this school to anyone looking for an in-person or online, affordable and great real estate school."
Brian Navarette
REALTOR®, Sellstate Alliance Realty
July, 2021
"It was very thorough, they spend time answering our questions, to make sure we understand it all. Best choice I could have made."
Donna Rogers
REALTOR®, Sellstate Alliance Realty
August, 2021
"I loved the fact that this school is offered online here in Colorado Springs. I completed a vast majority of it, on my phone, while sitting at the wait lot, at the airport driving Uber and Lyft. I am now a licensed real estate agent at Sellstate and loving it! Driving Uber and Lyft helped me to get to know the area really well. You will knock these classes out in no time! They have awesome test prep for the State & National exams! If you're looking for a change in your life this is it. Have a great day!"
Patric Ryan
REALTOR®, Sellstate Alliance Realty
August, 2021
"After passing my real estate test, I’m now receiving great mentoring and learning all about how to sell Real estate the correct way! Thank you guys for all you do for me!"
Erin Pollitt
REALTOR®, Sellstate Alliance Realty
June, 2021